Take Care of Your Skin This Winter

winter scene

Dry, itchy skin affects more than 80% of Americans and can be most prevalent during the winter months – when humidity and temperature drop – making skin particularly vulnerable to dryness and cracking. Cold temperatures and low humidity can contribute to dry skin. It is important to take extra special care of skin during the winter, especially for those with sensitive skin. If you have a problem with dry skin, you should consider the following:

What personal care products do you use? Sensitivity to fragrances and dyes commonly found in soaps, lotions and even deodorants can be a frequent cause of skin irritation. Look for personal care products specially formulated for sensitive skin that are hypoallergenic and free of dyes and perfumes.

Make the switch. As the temperature dips, your skin craves more moisture. Remember to replace lightweight summer lotion with lotions that have a higher concentration of emollients (lipids), which help skin seal in and retain moisture.

Keep it cool. Chilly winters may make a long hot shower or bath sound enticing, but hot water can actually wash away skin’s natural oils, leaving it extra dry and itchy. Instead, take warm showers and pat skin dry.

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