Letter from the Administrator

Dear Residents, Families and Coworkers,

As many of you may already know facilities such as ours are surveyed annually by the state of Kansas. This process is overseen by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid or CMS. Generally the surveys fall under two distinct categories. Life Safety or Fire Marshall and Health.

For the purpose of brevity I want to share a little about the Life Safety Code or Fire Marshall Survey as it relates to your health, safety and wellbeing. When the Fire Marshal arrives he/she makes an initial tour to determine if there is any obvious deficient practices.

One item they pay special attention to is “path of egress”. This simply means that in the event of an emergency is there a clear and unfettered path to safety. In other words, is the area clear of obstacles or items that would prevent or hinder a person from getting to safety?

We all can, and do, play a role in making this happen. By way of reminder we ask residents and family members to limit personal effects to items that fit within area of their respective floor plan. Please also be aware materials that pose a possible fire risk must also be inspected, treated for flame resistance and approved and documentation provided.

Our Safety Director, Dale “Doc” Castle, makes daily rounds in an effort to make sure our facility is safe. He also is available to check any mechanical or electric devices brought in to make sure they are in safe and in proper working order.

Please note that the above is just a very small portion of the rules and regulations that fall under “Life Safety Code”. If you have any questions or concerns please contact myself or Doc for further assistance.


Richard Marcotte


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