Letter from the Administrator

Dear Residents, Families & Co-workers,

As we enter this New Year it appears the one constant will be “change”. Change at a national, state and local level. With change comes uncertainty and a certain amount of fear and anxiety. However; change can also represent a new beginning and opportunity for growth and improvement. It is the latter we will cling to as we move forward.

Among the changes we are experiencing on a national level is a new administration which is focused on healthcare policy reform that may impact what we do here at our local level- Bonner Springs Nursing & Rehabilitation. We are hopeful and optimistic any changes will only serve to enhance the care we provide.

At the state level, we have endured some challenges that many of our residents and family members are aware of firsthand. We have weathered these challenges with your help and with the help of my coworkers here at BSNR. You all know who you are and deserve much thanks.

Lastly, we are implementing new programs to improve on what we do here at the local level. Of such- Resident & Family Satisfaction surveys. Discharge planning and follow-up query and continuation of programs related to resident centered care, choice and self-determination.

Please continue to join us going forward as you and your family members are who sustain us while we endeavor to provide the best care and caring we can. Thanks,

Richard Marcotte


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