Different Cultural Celebrations Of The New Year

new year celebrations

Celebrating New Year is the one of the happiest events of everyone’s life. As a matter of fact, New Year is considered to be the oldest festivity of all world-wide celebrations. Of course, the New Year is a much awaited event because people celebrate the arrival of another year to come, yet bid goodbye to the past year.

Not every country in the world celebrates the New Year on January 1. Countries like China, India and Israel have their own calendar that they follow in conjunction with ours, but celebrate their New Year at a different time. China usually celebrates New Year through Chinese New Year with full of fireworks and eating their cultural cuisine.

In Australia they celebrate the midnight of January 1st with the use of whistles and rattles. They also make noises through church bells, car horns and other noise makers. They believe that making loud noises will chase away evil spirits that brings bad luck for the New Year.

All of these customs and different traditions are mostly related to superstitious beliefs in avoiding the evil spirits, and bringing in of good luck. In the Philippines, a New Year tradition is that before New Year’s Eve they must collect nine fruits in a circle shape, so that good luck will be at their door and the whole year will be filled with good luck.

The essence of New Year’s celebration is welcoming in the New Year full of joy and enthusiasm. The festivity of New Year ought to be celebrated in a way that everyone is glad and happy, rejoicing the new era of their life. Welcome the New Year with great spirit and joy in your heart!

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