Craft Ideas for Independence Day

Pinwheel – Nothing shouts “Happy 4th” like a pinwheel! To make them, simply fold a piece of paper into a star shape. You will want to create a center section that will allow you to place a push pin through it. Color the paper red, white and blue. You’ll need two squares to work with. Place the two sheets together. Then, cut the first sheet from the corners towards the middle about half way. Fold the corners to the middle, secure with push pin around a pencil at the back.

Flags – Flags are the most traditional of ways to celebrate the 4th. For a simple design, color a picture of the flag on a piece of paper. Then, attach one side of the flag to a popsicle stick for a pole and you will have a great looking flag to wave!

Stars – Another great way to show your pride is with stars. Decorate paper stars on the front and the back in a wide range of designs. Anything goes! Red, white and blue work best. Then, place a small hole through the top of each and string them together. You can hang these at your 4th of July celebration for a great way to celebrate. It makes a great decoration for around the table too.

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